Power Bank benchmarks

This is a personal test for 5 different power banks that I buy:No brand 2200mA power bank

  • ROMOSS Sense 9 25000mA;
  • TP-LINK TL-PB15600 15600mA;
  • EC Technology PB-EC001 16000mA;
  • MediaRange MR751 5200mA;
  • No brand 2200mA.

This test here all done with:KCX-017 USB Power Meter

  • To meter the consumption I use a power meter KCX-017;
  • For charging Charger 5V, 3A;
  • For discharging I use a tablet Chuwi Hi10Pro (Android and Windows 10 tablet) that charges with a USB charging (playing YouTube HD/Full HD videos to drain the battery).

CHUWI Hi10 ProI’ve tested 5 different power banks, 4 of them Chinese (ROMOSS Sense 9, TP-LINK TL-PB15600, EC Technology PB-EC001, and a simple powerbank with a 18650 battery) and one german (MediaRange MR751). All were tested with the same KCX-017 USB meter and add the amount of 20 mA per hour of consumption in my measures.

When I was charging I use the KCX-017 to measure the Voltage and the current of the circuit with the same AC/DC power adapter that can give 5V 3A.

Testing PowerBanks

I’ve measured the time and the TOP power provided when I’ve charge the power banks and here is the results:

Capacity versus Reality (mA)MediaRange MR751 power bank

PowerBank: Capacity vs Reality

Capacity vs Reality (mA)

In this table I add 20mAh for the meter.

Output top powerEC Technology PB-EC001 power bank

Output Power Chart
Output Power TOP

Power = Max(V*A)

Charging time

Power banks charging time

Charging with a 5V, 3A (max) USB power adapter.

Power = Max(V*A)

Final results and opinion:

romoss sense 9 power bankThe most efficient was the one with the highest capacity with almost 66% of efficiency (ROMOSS Sense 9). Meanwhile, the one who charges faster the equipment that it is plugged and charges faster it (capacity vs time) is the TP-LINK TL-PB15600 who makes the winner of these tests.

power bank final resultsTP-LINK TL-PB15600 power bank