Galaxy Gear 2 / Neo (my review)

Samsung Gear 2 / Neo
Samsung Gear 2 / Neo

Here is my review as a satisfied customer of Samsung. I bought a Samsung Gear 2 (about 5 days) and I think is one of the best gadgets I’ve acquired recently.

The interaction between my Note 3 and Gear 2 is fabulous … What I like more ? It is difficult to answer …

What I use most is the step count , setting new goals every day , the handsfree, read emails and messages without having to take the phone and use the timer…

About the autonomy of battery, I’m quite impressed! Lasts about 2 and a half days with a regular / heavy use. When reach 15 % of battery, disables the ability to take photographs. On 5 % only gets to see the hours…

Regarding the camera, obviously was not expecting superb quality (compared with the 13MP Note 3). However, despite having 2MP, the Gear has a very good quality… However it is a feature I’ll pass …

My choice of Gear 2 instead of Gear Neo is due to the fact that the Gear2 have Metal chassis and the Gear Neo plastic chassis… I’ve been with this 2 smartwatch on my arm and chose to spend + € 100 for Gear2.

As for Samsung Apps for now is still much to be desired, as there are only about 40 available, with half of them pay up (every 1 € / each). Just bought one (a calculator) that became a disappointment , because I’ve a quicker head (it has a small screen too much for this functionality).

I got it for 5 days and each day, I see a new App in Samsung Apps. Waiting to see if I can find some really useful… If so, I will publish here (if I remember to do it). However it’s already have a number of applications (bu default), that have proved very useful and interesting. Hope to see more Apps soon!

Create an OS instalation from an USB pen drive

This tutorial was tested with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium.

I’ve created a bootable installation of Windows 7 from an USB pen drive.

The steps you should follow to do that:


Step 1:

Windows Key + “R” key;



Step 2:


  • On the prompt of Disk Part type “list disk” to see the disks of your computer.
    • My USB pen drive is the disk 2.
  • Type: select disk “number of your usb disk” (CAUTION: Make sure that you know which is your USB disk drive).
  • “clean”
  • “create partition primary”
  • “format fs=fat32 quick”
  • “active”
  • “exit”

Step 3:

After configure this you can copy all the files of your Windows DVD (or other Operating System supported by this file system – fat32) to this USB drive. It is able to boot from this drive 😉