How to choose a computer “for dummies”

for_dummiesThis is one of my articles, not based on anything, but in my experience and opinion.


Many users less informed are being eluded by de hard drive capacity, memory capacity, graphic card memory capacity, number of cores of the processor (CPU) or the velocity in GHz (number of instructions per second).
This specs aren’t important. You can get in our days a low computer with 1TB (1.024 GB) of hard drive, 8GB of RAM, 2GB of memory card and a 3GHz processor with 8 cores.
And do you ask… How should I choose my computer?
You always should het this specs in consideration: CPU, RAM, Hard Drive and Graphic Card (this one if you pretend to run the last high ended and popular games). Continue reading “How to choose a computer “for dummies””

Ford Mondeo Key FOB programming

ford mondeo mk4 interiorHow to program your remote key to your Ford Mondeo MK4?

One day, I went to my Ford Mondeo (MK4) and try to open it with my remote key. But it doesn’t open… Then I’ve to open it with the key manually.
I think someone try to open it, and it reset all the remote keys for security.
In this case, you only need to go to User Manual at page 29… But I will post the procedure anyway:
This procedure only takes you 30 seconds or less…

Ford Key


  1. Put the key on “0” position on the ignition…
  2. Move the key to position “II” and then to”0″ (4 times in 4 seconds).
  3. You will hear a BIP.
  4. Than take off the key and click at any button of the remote, and only take it off your finger when you hear another BIP (it will take only 2~3seconds).
  5. Then put the key in the ignition to position “II” and then to “0”.
  6. Test if your remote command is working, If not, repeat the procedure or read the manual.

I hope it’ll work for you… For me it work just fine 😉