Build your first program in C Console Application on Microsoft Visual Studio 2013

To build your first program in C you need to follow this steps:

  1. Start your Microsoft Studio 2013
    1. Before that you need to install the Visual Studio 2013 for Windows Desktop
  2. File > New Project > Visual C++ > Win32 Console Application
  3. Next > console application; Check “Empty project”; Finish
  4. On “Solution Explorer”, on the Folder “Source Files” click on the right button of your mouse and Select “Add”, “New Item…”
  5. Select “C++ File (.cpp)”; Add a name to your file; Click “Add”
  6. Create a “Hello World” program:
    1. #include <stdio.h>
      void main()
      printf(“Hellow World!”);
  7. DEBUG > Start Debugging
  8. Done 😉


If you are having problems with “_CRT_SECURE_NO_WARNINGS”
  1. Right click on your cpp file, and select “Properties”
  2. “Configuration Properties”; “C/C++”, “Preprocessor”; Edit “Definitions” with a new line: