Ford Focus MK1 and MK2 Key FOB programming

How to program your remote key to your Ford Mondeo MK1 or MK2?

Ford Focus mk1 interiorThis porcedure is on your User Manual… But I will post the procedure anyway:
This procedure only takes you 30 seconds or less…

Ford Key

  1. Put the key on “II” position on the ignition…
  2. Move the key to position “I” and then to “II” (4 times in 4 seconds).
  3. You will hear a BIP.
  4. Click at any button and only take it off your finger when you hear another BIP (it will take only 1~2 seconds).
  5. Test if your remote command is working, If not, repeat the procedure or read the manual.

I hope it’ll work for you…

You can see this video that explain how to do it: